Fresh Start Auto Loan Application

The Easiest Auto Loan Application Ever.

Welcome to your Fresh Start.


  • Are you trying to find your first auto loan?

  • Is your current vehicle experiencing costly frequent maintenance visits or repairs?

  • Is your current interest rate too high?

  • Is your credit score lower than you would like?

Fill out the application below.  This will funnel directly into our massive portfolio of lenders that have access to our entire family of dealership’s inventory.  We know how important your time is, so let’s get you some answers upfront.  No matter how bad it has been, your history is not your destiny.  Welcome to a Fresh Start.

What if this is my first auto loan?

The most important auto loan is your first one.  The wrong type of loan on the wrong type of vehicle can take years to recover from.  Our lenders respect first-time buyers and no one will be forced into any loan they are not comfortable with.  Credit is all about proving you have the ability to repay debt.  Buy what you can afford now, so you can buy what you want later!

My current vehicle is costing me too much to drive.

All vehicles require a “cost of ownership” and that is why it is important to purchase within your budget.  A Fresh Start purchase can rewind the clock on maintenance and can deter further risks of future potential repairs.  Ask to see the inspection to review our reconditioning process and what we spent on the vehicles so you don’t have to.  All of our vehicles pass rigorous quality and safety inspections so that there are no immediate out of pocket costs.  Ask us about warranty options on any vehicle in stock.

Your current interest rate is too high?

Unfortunately, if you have a low credit score, you are not going to qualify for the best interest rates.  However, we can help make it the last time you pay a high-interest rate.  When you trade-in a vehicle that has money still owed against it, we will pay off the full balance.  Credit scores typically increase after debt such as this is paid to a zero balance.  We can assist in monitoring the effects your credit score can have after your trade loan is paid and a few new payments are made on the new purchase.  Our goal is to help you break the subprime cycle and get truly a fresh start.  With a higher credit score, you can qualify for lower interest rates through several refinance programs in as soon as 3-4 months!